Who We Are

élan School Singapore is a school for students to develop their critical thinking and communication skills in a multi-disciplinary environment to become well-rounded thinkers. The word élan refers to the refreshing burst of spirit  that we develop in our children.

Mirroring the excellence of selected US primary school programmes, education at élan uses a variety of subjects including Literature, History, Culture and Science to train students how to think and how to communicate their ideas.

The idea behind élan came about because of the experiences of students from Asia who entered the Ivy League universities and Liberal Arts colleges in the USA. Many felt unprepared for the quality and level of discussion in the humanities and social science classes. In Asia, there is limited opportunity to read widely and have rigorous discussions on great texts and relevant current and historical issues in the classroom.

We envision élan to be a life-changing experience for your child. As such, we stand ready to match and exceed your expectations as a parent, and the dreams and passions of your children. We look forward to partnering you in nurturing the brightest and best of our next generation.